Hello, Sioux Falls!

My name is Jack Kolbeck, and I was born in McCook County South Dakota and worked on a family farm. I went to college at South Dakota State University where I earned my degree in business. After college I married my wife Muriel and we have been married for 40 years. We have 3 children and 8 grandchildren.

I have been a businessman in Sioux Falls for 43 years and have been an active member in our community. I have been an avid sportsman my entire life, and I am a member of the SD Softball Hall of Fame as well as a 40 year member of the SF Downtown Lions Club.

2018 Update

See what Jack has been up to in this short video series.



My Vision To Serve SOUTH DAKOTA

My passion to serve South Dakota comes from my
family upbringing. My father had served in WWII, my
grandfather served in WWI and several relatives fought
in Vietnam & Korea. However, I was unable to serve
in the military due to a medical issue at the time.

But I've always had the desire to give back to
my community and state. Now I am ready to make
a difference for the great people of South Dakota
by serving in our state government.

Ready to stand up for what is right. Ready to do
everything within my power to better the lives
of South Dakotans.



Take a look at where Jack's
been and what he's been
doing in South Dakota!